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White Paper: Produced Water monitoring

With tightening environmental processes and an ever-increasing industry drive towards an eco-friendlier future, we are often wading through endless paperwork and regulations to understand to what we are required to conform. Produced water is an unavoidable fact of life for oil and gas production which can offer opportunities and challenges for operational and environmental compliance.

When the Marine and Offshore worlds mix, it often means there is a confusion with which regulations apply. For example on an FPSO (Floating Production Storage and Offloading vessel) everything below the deck is a Marine Tanker and above deck is an Oil and Gas platform. So when it comes to oily water discharge regulations, first we must draw the distinction between produced water and contaminated seawater (slops discharge). These are two different applications with different regulatory regimes.

Rivertrace have written a white paper to discuss the environmental issues and more pertinently the regulations for discharging produced water.

Produced Water Discharge Monitoring: What are the standards and how to meet them?

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