Rivertrace strengthens portfolio in Asia

Rivertrace to represent Coltraco’ s ultrasonic testing equipment in Hong Kong, Philippines and Thailand

by Gillian Lovering

Rivertrace, an ISO9001 Quality-Assured Company and market leader with over 35 years’ experience of water monitoring, has recently signed an agreement with Coltraco to represent their ultrasonic safety instrumentation and monitoring systems in Thailand, Philippines, and Hong Kong which came into force in June 2021.

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Coltraco, based in London, have over 30 years’ experience designing and manufacturing ultrasonic testing equipment with a mission to help deliver a Safeship®. They are dedicated to improving safety for people, assets and infrastructure on land and at sea worldwide across 29 diverse sectors. Their award-winning product range focuses on liquid level indication, seal integrity, flow rate monitoring, thickness gauging, and bearing indication.

Chloe Kay, Head of Distribution stated “We are delighted to be working with Rivertrace in these important markets to help improve safety of life at sea. With Rivertrace, we are at the heart of two of the principal reasons for loss of ships at sea – Sinking and Fire. We look forward to supporting customers in Thailand, Phillipines and Hong Kong with these instrumentation in partnership with Rivertrace”

Reducing loss of lives onboard ships, offshore platforms or other marine structures is of paramount importance to all in the industry. The primary reasons for this are sinking and fire. Coltraco are a world leader in manufacturing technology to counter this.

The Portascanner™ Watertight monitor will measure the watertight integrity of any seal, identifying potential leak sites as small as 0.06mm that can lead to catastrophic loss and capsize.

The Portalevel™ is a portable instrument to measure the level of the gaseous extinguishing systems that are used to protect against a fire. Because the gases are highly pressurised, they can accidentally discharge or slowly leak. If the contents are not there, the fire event will lead to loss of the asset. The Portalevel™ will monitor these liquefied pressurised gases to an accuracy of +/-1.5mm. This works alongside the Portasteele™ Calculator tablet, which uniquely converts liquid level readings into agent weight readings by cylinder type.

This partnership will combine the strengths of our businesses to the regions with a combined focus on environmental and safety compliance.

Graham North, Sales Director of Rivertrace said: “We are excited for this fantastic opportunity to work with Coltraco. We are likeminded organisations with innovation at our heart. This agreement offers us further opportunities to provide solutions and compliance to regulations helping improve safety whilst saving time and cost”.

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