Quality Policy Statement

Quality Policy

Rivertrace Ltd has established, implemented and maintained a Quality Management System that has been integrated into the structure of the company to ensure that all work undertaken is carried out to the satisfaction of all interested parties, to meet the legislative requirements that our products are based on and to support the company’s strategic direction.

Rivertrace has endeavoured to ensure that this policy, along with supporting objectives, processes and KPI’s, has been implemented to satisfy the requirements of ISO9001:2015 alongside additional standards such as (but not limited to) ISO/IEC80079-34 and Marine Directive 2014/90/EU.

The policy embraces the following key principles, which provide a framework for our company objectives;

  1. To provide accurate, innovative products which exceed customer and regulatory requirements, allowing us to attract and retain the confidence of customers and other interested parties through our understanding of their current and future needs.
  2. To ensure that our products are stored, tested, built, and calibrated to standard and in accordance with regulatory requirements. To achieve build quality RFT (Right First Time) and eliminate waste both in terms of materials and time.
  3. Ensure that product support for both new and existing products is processed efficiently and in accordance with standard and regulatory requirements. Projects for new and existing products should be RFT (Right First Time).
  4. Ensure that first class support is provided to all areas of the business, focusing on continuous improvement throughout the company.
  5. To encourage, involve and manage people at all levels to participate in continual quality improvement through recognition, empowerment, teamwork and enhancement of skills/competence.

Top Management has ultimate responsibility for the Quality Management System and therefore are fully committed to the Quality Policy through provision of resources, active participation in quality improvement activities and leadership by example.

All employees are given the responsibility, within their own areas of work, to help ensure that Quality understanding and applying this Quality Policy in the performance of their tasks, is embedded within the whole of the company.

To ensure that the effectiveness of the QMS, an Audit Plan is in place to continually monitor, review and improve on the processes so that they meet the requirement of staff, management and external bodies. Key processes will be internally audited by the designated internal auditors who will retain documented information to have confidence that the quality system is effective and fit for purpose.

The Operations Director, who is part of the Senior Management Team, has been designated the authority and responsibility to maintain, implement and monitor the Quality Management System on behalf of Top Management.

Quality Policy
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