Cyber Secure!

We are pleased to announce that Rivertrace Ltd have been awarded Cyber Essentials certification from IASME.

by Gillian Lovering

The shipping industry is an inherent part of globalisation, so it is not difficult to understand that the global shipping industry faces extremely complex cyber-security challenges. As technology continues to develop, information technology (IT) and operational technology (OT) on board ships are increasingly being networked together – and more frequently connected to the worldwide web.

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Rivertrace understands that data security is paramount in an ever-changing digital age, and hackers are thinking of new ways every day to breach or steal vital information. As we continue our digital transformation journey, we must ensure that we manage our risk level as we embrace digital technology into our products and services.

Cyber Essentials is a Government-backed scheme that helps us ensure that we are guarding against the most common cyber threats and demonstrates our commitment to cybersecurity. The Cyber Essentials certification greatly contributes towards ensuring the risk of data breach or theft is either eliminated or greatly reduced, simply by carrying out simple steps to bolster data security.

Martin Saunders, Operations Director at Rivertrace commented, “The last 12 months have shown us just how important digital integration within the workplace has become. It has also shown how vulnerable an IT infrastructure can be without the right protection and policies in place. Cyber Essentials has guided us into ensuring a very high standard of IT security which will not only protect us as a company but will, in turn, reassure our customers.”

In addition to Cyber Essentials certification, Rivertrace have also renewed our membership with the ‘Made in Britain’ organisation. Whilst 95% of our business is exported to countries far and wide, we are proud of our British manufacturing company, extended supply chain and associations. British companies have undergone once in a generation shift over the last year with Brexit and a pandemic, and we think it’s great to celebrate our success as a collective every once in a while! Here is some more information about ‘Made for Britain’. You can access more information here.

  • Made in Britain is a growing community of manufacturers who are committed to the British trade market. The registered collective mark of Made in Britain is a sign of the highest ethical and sustainable standards for manufacturing within the UK.
  • For almost 4 decades Rivertrace has been at the forefront of designing and manufacturing equipment and systems that not only meet but exceed requirements of tightening environmental legislation for the marine, offshore and industrial markets.