Tap into our 36 years of experience in oil in water compliance

Five reasons why you should choose Rivertrace as your partner in Oil in Water compliance

by Gillian Lovering

Most well managed fleets have compliance at the top of their agenda. That’s what we do on an industrial scale and we have created a seamless system for taking oil in water compliance issues away from Fleet managers. We do the hard graft and leave our customers to focus on other areas of their business, providing transparency and confidence.

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Read through our USP’s below and get in touch to remove oil in water compliance headaches.

  1. Bespoke Offering. With a dynamic flexible approach to business, we understand that no two ship managers or operators are the same. We will work with you to find a tailored solution that works for your fleet.
  2. Competitive pricing. We can offer flexible pricing based on your individual fleet requirements, many of our customers standardise their fleet with our SMART Bilge and SMART ODME monitoring systems to reduce costs. With fixed price spares and competitive service rates, you can be confident to receive exceptional service regardless of your location.
  3. Rivertrace Connected. We have invested in digital technology to provide complete transparency of paperwork and compliance. This includes a ‘free to use’ calibration portal to alleviate the paperwork burden on vessel operators providing automated calibration reminders and scheduling service requests across our global network and API Integration with electronic logbooks and fleet management systems.
  4. Global Agent & Distribution Network. ‘An agent in every port’ so to speak. We support our network of agents and invest time and resources to ensure they are trained and hold the right stock of spares. This allows us to react to the fast paced, global demand of the shipping industry with same day dispatch on all stocked spares.
  5. Committed to Green. With over 36 years in environmental monitoring, Rivertrace are committed to driving sustainable change in our industry. We advocate using technology to minimise risk, increase security and keep our oceans clean.

Download Fleet Deals case study