The OCD Xtra is a highly accurate oil in water analyser that can be calibrated on 6 different oil types.

The “OCD Xtra” combines multiple light wavelengths with multiple sensor technology, to measure oil accurately in the range 0-200 ppm, even in the blackest of produced water.

Multiple oil types are automatically compensated for by sophisticated algorithms. The multi – parameter display shows the sample’s oil content, pressure and a graphical average of the last 4 hours oil readings. The last 7 days readings are stored in ROM and can be accessed from the help menu.

The OCD Xtra has the ability to adjust the calibration settings against laboratory analysis on site. Full on screen help is available to guide the operator during set-up and maintenance routines

  • Factory calibrated on up to 6 different oil types
  • Ability to adjust Calibration onsite to increase accuracy with laboratory analysis of sample
  • Increased accuracy if oil samples can be provided.
  • Produced Water Discharge
  • Hydrocarbon Leak Detection
  • Wastewater Discharge
  • Deck Drain Discharge
  • Cooling Water monitoring

The OCD Xtra is built to order so can be tailored to very specific and stringent requirements. Contact us for further information and discussion on your specification requirements.

This could include the following options

  • Wetted Parts Material
  • Hazardous Area – Hazardous Area – Zone1, Exd IECEx options available
  • Mounting Frame, backplates, enclosures
  • Sample conditioning – Motor, pump, heat exchanger, pressure regulator
  • Environmental Conditions – Sunshade, heaters, coolers

OCD XTRA Purged Version

OCD XTRA Safe Area Version

OCD Xtra Exd 1
Full system 3
Exd Xtra on Frame 3


Oil types: Factory calibrated on up to 6 different oil types
Clean water cal: +/- 10 ppm of factory set values
Oil range: 0 – 200 ppm
Resolution: 1 ppm, 1ntu
Accuracy oil range: +/- 5ppm up to 50ppm thereafter 10% of reading
Solids discrimination: 100 ppm minimum (any calibrated solid type)
Oil alarm setpoints: 2 x 1 – 200 ppm – user adjustable
Alarm Contacts: 2 single pole Alarm Relays 8A @ 250V ac
Fault Contact: 1 single pole Alarm Relay 8A @ 250V ac
Analogue output: isolated 0 – 20mA, 4-20mA, 0-5V dc
Remote input: remote Start / Stop function available with latching switch
Environmental and Sample  
Ambient Humidity: 90% RH Max @ 50°C / 122 F
Ambient temperature: 0 – 45°C
Sample temperature: 0 – 50°C
Sample flow rate: 0.5 – 4 L per min / 0.13 – 1.06 gal per min
Sample pressure: 3 – 10 bar
System and Supply  
Protection class: IP 65
Approvals: tested to EN61010 EN61326 (CE)
Weight: 25 kg / 55 lb
Supply voltage: 24V ac, 115 or 230V ac, 50 – 60Hz (+/- 10%)
Consumption: 60 VA max
Auto clean air Supply (pneumatic only): 4 bar / 58 psi

Specifications and system descriptions are for standard monitors only.   These are subject to change at any time.