The SMART 40M has been developed as a versatile low-cost solution for simple oil in water monitoring applications.

The SMART 40M has been developed as a versatile low-cost solution for simple oil in water monitoring applications. Originally designed for use onboard vessels under MARPOL regulation the monitor has been re-developed for industrial use with user adjustable alarm points to suit the environmental requirement.

The monitor is designed with 2 key components, the control module and the calibrated measuring cell, allowing for easy recalibration and service of the device while retaining the data storage for historical data integrity.

The measuring cell comes as standard with a manual cleaning device for simple routine maintenance to ensure the optical cell is not fouling and maintains accuracy. Alternatively, this can be upgraded to a pneumatic autoclean which will ensure the cell is cleaned at regular intervals without need for manual cleaning.

The SMART 40M can also be offered as a Exd system for applications that require the monitor to operate in hazardous areas.

  • Digital Calibration Certification
  • Use of RT Connected Calibration portal
  • Integrated Data Log with download function
  • Data integration with Maintenance software
  • Flexible design solutions to fit your requirements
  • Oily Water Separator Discharge
  • Slop Tank Discharge
  • Washwater Discharge
  • Groundwater Discharge
  • Industrial Wastewater
  • measuring cell glass tube his kept free from fouling. Cell fouling is recognised as a leading cause of monitor malfunction. Fitting the autoclean reduces maintenance requirements for unmanned locations.
  • Flowswitch – The flowswitch monitors the flow of water through the cell ensuring that the flow cannot be shut off accidentally or maliciously. This can provide security for environmental compliance and can control a discharge valve.
  • Hazardous Environments (Zone 1 & 2) – The SMART 40M can be offered in an explosion proof cabinet for Zone 1 & 2 areas.
  • Data Integration – through our RT Connected portal we can offer data integration through an API with your maintenance software


Oil types: HFO, Diesel and Mixture C (IMO defined)
Clean water calibration: +/- 2ppm of factory set values
Oil range: 0 – 40 ppm
Accuracy oil + solids: +/- 5ppm up to 30 ppm
Solids discrimination: 100ppm Iron Oxide in 10 ppm Diesel
Response time: < 5 sec (oil reading)
Oil alarm 1 setpoint: user adjustable
Oil alarm 2 setpoint: user adjustable
Oil alarm 1 delay: 0 – 5 seconds user adjustable
Oil alarm 2 delay: 0 – 600 seconds user adjustable
Analogue output: Active 4-20mA / 0 – 20mA
Switch inputs: 2 x switch inputs for separator and backflush status
Data Log: Stored in Control enclosure
Data retrieval: Via LCD display, RS 232 comms link or USB
Supply voltage:

115 or 230V AC, 50 – 60Hz

(24V AC & 12V DC available)

Supply voltage Consumption: < 50 VA incl. solenoid valve
Supply voltage tolerance: +/- 15%
Projected life: > 50,000 hrs
Protection class: IP 65
Weight: 3.2 Kg / 7.05lb

Specifications and system descriptions accurate at time of publishing. These are subject to change.