The SMART ODME is a system to monitor, record and control the slop water and ballast discharge approved to MEPC.108(49) for tankers.

The Oil Discharge Monitoring Equipment (Smart ODME) has been designed to provide means of monitoring, recording and controlling the ballast discharge for crude oil, product and chemical tankers including ICE class vessels.

This system is modular in construction and does not require the usual pump/motor bulkhead penetration as used on older systems. The Smart ODME includes all components required to meet MEPC 108(49) and the latest MEPC 240(65) for Bio Fuels, effective 1 January 2016.

The Smart ODME incorporates a ‘simulation mode’ to aid system demonstration to PSC surveyors, is designed for ease of retrofitting, operation, installation and maintenance.

Discharge limits are set at 30 litres of Oil per nautical mile or 1 / 30,000 of the previous cargo for slop and wash water discharges.

  • The SMART ODME has been Biofuel Approved in accordance with MEPC.240(65)
  • The system has been designed for an easy installation at the yard with only one flow meter and one sample point
  • Minimal bulkhead penetration with motor and pump in one location.
  • Paddle wheel flow sensor making for simple installation and maintenance
  • Calibration Check Kits available for functional testing
  • Fleet Deals – Frame Agreements & Exchange Schemes
  • Slop Water Discharge
  • Tank Wash Water Discharge
  • Clean Ballast Water Discharge
  • The SMART ODME has been designed in a modules to allow for integration into bespoke ship designs.
  • Pneumatic or electric sample pump options
  • Fleet Deals – Frame Agreements & Exchange Schemes

Smart ODME



Oil types: As Per MEPC 108(49) + MEPC 240(65) requirements
Clean water calibration: Automatic
Oil measurement range: 0 – 1000 ppm all types
Resolution: 1 ppm
Accuracy oil + solids: As Per MEPC 108(49) requirements
Data retrieval: via LCD display or download to PC using HyperTerminal or Rivertrace IMO Log downloader programme
Sample Pressure Range 0.1bar to 5bar
Sample Flow Rate 4Lpm to 5Lpm
Sample Temperature 1⁰C to 40⁰C
Ambient Temp Range -20⁰C to 50⁰C
Hazardous Area VPC is Group II Zone 1G IIB T4
Supply voltage: 115 / 230V ac, 50 – 60Hz (Switchable)
Zener Barrier/Computer Module: 115 / 230V ac, 50 – 60Hz (Switchable)
Motor: 380-440V ac, 50-60Hz, 3 phase, 250W
Supply voltage Consumption: < 50 VA Single Phase
Approvals: MEPC 108 (49) – DNV GL, USCG, CCS and NKK.
MEPC 240(65) – DNV GL, CCS and NKK


This system may be installed in line with any new and existing IMO MEPC 60(33) and 107(49) approved monitors.

Specifications and system descriptions accurate at time of publishing. These are subject to change.