Webinar interview

Data analytics solutions with Phocas

by Gillian Lovering

Phocas provide web-based business data analytics solutions which Rivertrace have been using for over a year to provide data and exception reporting for all areas of our business.

On Wednesday 23rd September, our Operations Director, Martin Saunders, took part on a ‘lunch and learn’ webinar interview with our partner Phocas.

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During the session, Martin talked through how we have implemented the tool and how we use it to drill down on component usage in the business. The system provides us with a clear picture of demand for all our parts and has been built to suggest what we should be ordering and when. The system uses logic from key parameters such as min / max stock levels, production levels, supplier lead time and demand on sales orders.

This has resulted in a decrease in spend, decrease in stock value (despite a year on year increase in sales) and a decrease in the number of work order shortages.

This is another example of the proactive work we as a business have been doing over the last few months to increase efficiency by utilising technology.

If you would like to watch the session (15 minutes) you can view it below.


Phocas lunch & learn _ Tackle your Bill of Materials